Top 5 uses for silver vine.

Hopefully, by now you’ve had a chance to try a pinch or two of silver vine with your cat. If you have, you’ve seen first-hand how powerful this cat attractant can be when it comes to providing stimulation for indoor cats. But since variety is the spice of life, I thought I’d share my top five uses for silvervine.

1. Play that mimics hunting. I’m a big fan of making cats use their senses to explore their world, and in the wild, cats will often forage for food. It’s so easy to place a pinch of silver vine on a favorite toy or blanket and hide it in a new and interesting place, like under a Magic Carpet. Watch kitty stalk and pounce as she uses her nose to find her “prey.”

white cat crouched on floor ready to pounce

2. Introducing a new person. Cats are finicky and tend to be pretty territorial, so when a new human comes into their lives, they can be thrown off kilter. So let the new furriend put out a pinch of silver vine on a toy to give to the kitty and to get them in a good mood and off to a good start. This is a good way to help make the introduction pleasant and rewarding by allowing the cat to associate the new person with a good feeling. They will become friends quickly.

fingers pinching some silvervine out of a Cloud Nine tin with cat peering from under table

3. Introducing a new cat. For the same reasons silver vine can work when introducing a new person, it also works for a new cat in the household. After they have become fairly comfortable around each other, encourage them to play by allowing the cats to sniff, roll, lick or drool toys like Little Puffs, that have been dusted with silver vine. Just make sure each cat has access to their own little bit of attractant, or things could get out of hand.

Grey shelter cat sniffing a Little Puff cloud toy sprinkled with silvervine

4. Showing love to shelter cats. I love to take some silver vine to my local shelter and give the cats a bit of scent enrichment. I especially give some attention to the ones who look scared or out of sorts. Even just a pinch can help them to feel more relaxed and engaged.

Black and white tuxedo cat curled up with a plush cloud toy

5. TNR. This last one is often a subject of debate because the smell silver vine dissipates when it’s placed outdoors. Because of that, silver vine doesn’t always work to trap stray cats, but it can be really useful for a caged kitty while they are settling in to being confined. Just a pinch between the bars can distract the cat and help with distress.

Stray tabby cat trapped in a cat trap

Whatever you use silver vine for, I’m sure you’ll find it’s an amazing cat attractant that can work wonders to get cats active, engaged, and entertained. Happy playing!

cat lying on back with a tin of silvervine powder next to the cat

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  • jmuhj

    Thank you for a very informative post! I had never thought of using silvervine in trapping, or in introductions, but those are very helpful suggestions!

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