About Us

Dezi & Roo - Wiggly Ball - fun cat toys - made in USA

We bring outdoor fun to indoor cats

Designed by a feline veterinarian who speaks cat, Dezi & Roo toys get them excited to play, an important aspect to keep your fuzzbol happy and healthy. Our toys are intentionally designed to look, feel, sound, and smell like wildlife to appeal to cats' natural instincts. Created for our feline friends and their human companions, our toys are handcrafted to be safe, affordable, innovative, interactive, and made in the USA. 

Intentionally developed to enhance the bond people share with their cats, our toys bring laughter, antics, purrs, and play to cat homes every day.

Questions for Dezi? Comments for Roo? Favorite tuna treats to share? Get in touch here or email us at directly at info[at]deziroo.com and someone with thumbs will get back to you shortly. Now go play with your kitty!  

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