QUIZ: What movie character is your cat most like?

Like you, me, and Loki, our cats have their own likes, dislikes and beefs. Things that make them happy. Things that make them go hmm. Or roll their eyes (if they could). And just like with you, me, and Loki, knowing your cats likes and dislikes and penchant for mischief will make things like playing (or life in general) smoother and more satisfying than Matthew McConaughey's alright, alright, alright.

So, who is your cat coded? Keep scrolling to take our quiz!

orange tabby looking straight at camera

Quiz: Who is your cat, coded?

  1. How does your cat react to new toys?

    • A. Pounces immediately and starts playing.
    • B. Sniffs it curiously but prefers to cuddle.
    • C. Tries to outsmart it with clever tactics.
    • D. Investigates it thoroughly from all angles.

  2. What’s your cat’s favorite activity?

    • A. Chasing and pouncing on anything that moves.
    • B. Scooting in close to talk about an extended warranty.
    • C. Figuring out how to get treats from puzzle toys.
    • D. Exploring new places and objects in the house.

  3. How does your cat interact with you?

    • A. Brings you “gifts” like bugs or toys.
    • B. Follows you around and loves being petted.
    • C. Zooms around to get you to play fetch or hide-and-seek.
    • D. Observes you curiously and mimics your actions.

  4. Where is your cat most likely to be found?

    • A. Stalking around the house on the lookout for prey.
    • B. Curled up on your lap or next to you.
    • C. Occupied with a puzzle toy.
    • D. Investigating a new nook or cranny.

  5. How does your cat respond to guests?

    • A. Watches from a distance before cautiously approaching.
    • B. Greets them and seeks attention.
    • C. Attempts to play or show off tricks.
    • D. Is more interested in exploring their bags and belongings.
closeup of a white cat looking at the camera

Purrsonality Types

If you answered mostly A’s, your cat is: Katniss Everdeen

Your cat has a strong predatory instinct and loves the thrill of the hunt. Your cat is active, adventurous and always ready for a game of chase.

Toys that satisfy a hunter:

  • Wiggly Wand: Mimics the movement of real prey, perfect for engaging your hunter. The various attachments keep hunters from becoming bored.
  • Wiggly Balls: Especially fun for cats that enjoy fetching. 

If you answered mostly B’s, your cat is: Luna Lovegood

Your cat is a sweet, innocent and gentle companion who enjoys being close to you. If they're not softly playing, they're likely cozying up next to you for snugs.

Toys that keep a snuggle bug snug as a bug:

If you answered mostly C’s, your cat is: Loki Odinson

Your cat is smart and loves a good challenge. They enjoy interactive toys that test their wits (and maybe yours!), keep them entertained, and out of trouble (doubt it).

Toys that keep a trickster occupied:

  • Looper: Easily turn anything into a wand toy attachment to keep their mind sharp hunting, catching, and shredding. 
  • Roo's Rock Candy: The purrfect scent enrichment toy to carry around or bunny kick under the couch. You'll think it's lost but they know where to find it.

If you answered mostly D’s, your cat is: Carmen Sandiego

Your cat is inquisitive and always on the lookout for new adventures. You come home and the first question outta your mouth is where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? (we had to). They love exploring and discovering new places and things in their environment.

Toys to keep exploration and curiosity levels high:

  • Pop 'n Purr: Refill with different cat attractants for your cat to discover a new scent each time they play.  
  • Silly Stix: An interactive scent enrichment activity to rub on, play with, carry from here to there, chew on, and rip apart.

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