Tunnel of Fun - Dezi & Roo
Tunnel of Fun - Dezi & Roo
Tunnel of Fun - Dezi & Roo

Tunnel of Fun

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Double the pleasure and double the fun with these two amazing cat toys. These two interactive toys stimulate your cat's desire to hide, burrow, pounce, and play. Each toy played alone or linked together will keep your cat happy because:

  • Engages your cat's natural instinct to hunt, stalk and play in a healthy and safe environment
  • Exercises your cat's mind AND body
  • Improves physical fitness
  • Helps decrease undesirable behavior caused by boredom, anxiety, and stress

Imagine the joy your cat will experience when these toys are played with together. Some creative ways to combine them are:

  • Drape the Magic Carpet over the Hide and Sneak for a cool hiding hangout
  • Set the Magic Carpet inside of the Hide and Sneak for burrowing, warmth, and comfort
  • Place the Magic Carpet in front of the Hide and Sneak for fun sliding opportunities

Product Details:

Hide and Sneak eco-friendly, biodegradable accordion-folded cat tunnel that folds flat for easy storage and expands to almost 3 feet in length

Magic Carpet plastic sheet toy 50" x 54" with fringed edges

WARNING: Not suitable for cats who eat plastic. Always supervise your cat during play.