Do you think your cat is smart?

Have you ever noticed how smart cats are? Of course you have, you’re a cat lover. Cats know what’s really important. Here are some of the smartest things cats crave.

closeup of a tabby cat looking straight at camera

A balanced diet. Your cat will be happier and healthier when they eat nutritious and tasty food consistently. Even though they are obligate carnivores, cats will choose a variety of protein sources, and munch on the occasional grass or leaves. It’s important as cat owners that we provide them with as much variety as we can. Cat grasses, boiled chicken, and even fish can give your cat some needed diversity in their diet.

orange tabby cat standing in front of three empty bowls looking up at camera as if to say "feed me"

Regular exercise. Cats know something many humans don’t: exercise can be fun. That’s because it’s all play time to them. Chasing a Wiggly Ball, pouncing on a Little Puff, stalking a Buzzer, jumping on a Magic Carpet—it’s all in a day’s play for kitty. Encourage your cat by setting aside regular play time and encouraging their workouts.

Buzzer cat toy wand attachment

a gray cat standing on its hindlimbs while clutching a toy a-lure-ring with its front paws

A good night’s sleep. Cats can sleep just about anywhere and at all hours of the day and night. They know how to relax, and when they feel safe with us, they will sleep deeply. Help your cat to get rejuvenating sleep by giving her safe, cozy places to nap.

long hair orange tabby cat curled up in a circular cat bed

The little things. Cats don’t need fancy toys to play. They can have just as much fun with an old receipt, wayward twist tie or discarded box as they can with the most expensive toys. Spark their imagination by tossing balled up wrapping paper or an old milk ring.  

long haired orange tabby cat looking at camera from inside a laundry basket

Alone time. Whether hiding in a play tunnel, or burrowed in a blanket, cats are experts at finding a quiet place to get away from the noise and stimulation of everyday life. When your cat wants to be left alone, let her rest. She’ll come back for snuggles in no time.

fluffy white kitten looking at camera from inside a Hide and Sneak paper cat tunnel

I don’t know about you, but I think my cat’s a genius. Oh, to be a spoiled house cat. That’s the life!


A Hide and Sneak accordion paper cat toy tunnel with four Wiggly Ball cat toys


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