Purrfect Play Pack
grey cat stepping out of Hide and Sneak cat toy tunnel
wiggly ping, pong, and ball catnip cat toys
glow-in-the-dark catnip cat toy ball with wiggly tail

Purrfect Play Pack

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The Purrfect Play Pack is the ultimate collection of cat toys and includes five feline favorites.
The Original Hide and Sneak paper cat tunnel combines the thrill of crinkling paper bags with the fun of a catnip-blended and unique tunnel. It is our best selling toy that all cats love.
The Wiggly Ping plastic ball rattles, rolls and wiggles like a small bug.  Cats enjoy batting it around and chasing it across the room. 
The Wiggly Pong is bigger than the Ping and also rattles, rolls and wiggles,  It resembles larger prey that cats find hard to resist.
The Wiggly Ball is a high bouncing ball with wiggly tail that is easily tossed and great for playing fetch.  This ball acts more like a flying insect as it bounces across the room.  
The glow-in-the-dark Wiggly Ball is ideal for nighttime shenanigans.  It bounces, rolls, wiggles, and flies across the room and is visible at night with its soft glow.
All of our toys are handmade in the USA and designed by a team of veterinary professionals.
The balls measure between 1.75 in  - 2.25 in and the tails between 5 - 8 inches.  

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