8 Date Night Ideas For You And Your Cat

Forget finding a human date for Valentine’s Day, you’ve already got your Valentine. Your ideal date is a four-legged, purring, loveable ball of fluff—more commonly known as a house cat.

As cat parents, we already spoil our little fur balls rotten with all the best toys, treats and cozy places to nap. So how do you share your love with your favorite Feline-tine? Here are 8 date night ideas for you and your cat. Just in time for love’s biggest day.

1. Cat Naps - Cats love to sleep so much we named a type of nap after them. If you’ve ever taken a cat nap, then you know how great it can be. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t sleep a lot; it’s more like dozing. Pet food brand Hill’s says our house cats mimic big cats, who have a cycle of hunting, eating and sleeping. So really, your cat is napping because she’s got a schedule to keep.

This Valentine’s day, schedule a nap with your feline Valentine. Cuddle up and get your snooze on!

2. Dinner Dates - Every cat loves a snack. But you don’t have to stick to basic cat treats to work in some food variety. Think outside the box. Fresh greens, like grass, leaves and catnip, or unseasoned meat, poultry, and fish, can be a great sometimes treat for kitty.

Another way to make meals fun is to add in puzzles or hunting games to mealtime. Hide treats or kibble for your cat to find. She’ll get to stretch her foraging muscles and enjoy a snack as her reward.

3. Sun Bathing - My cats practically fight over the sunny patches on my kitchen floor. And I love to watch them follow the sun around the house throughout the day. The second a window is open or you take them outside, your cat is sure to find a warm, sunny spot and close his eyes. 

But in the winter time, sunny spots can be tough to come by. Days are shorter, the weather is bleaker, and the air is just plain colder. Unsurprisingly, our cats feel the effects of the winter blues just like we do. So finding a moment or two this Valentine's Day to stretch out in the sun might do you both some good.

orange tabby cat sleeping in a sun puddle

4. Breakfast in Bed - Okay, so we already covered sleeping. That’s true. But sleeping in and having a meal delivered to you is its own kind of decadence. Since your cat is waking you up right on time for breakfast, you’re probably not going to get to sleep in, even on Valentine’s Day. But you can encourage your kitty to snuggle a bit more by bringing her food to her favorite nap spot. Then grab your coffee and a bagel and hop back in bed to catch up on some reading. With any luck, your best fur-iend will join you.

5. Silver Vine - Catnip is probably the best known cat attractant, but it’s got nothing on silver vine

Your cats are more likely to experience a euphoric response from silver vine than they are with catnip. In fact, about 80% of cats will react to the two attactants found in silver vine, as opposed to the single variety found in the old standby. It’s like a kitty aphrodisiac. Plus, silver vine is safe to give your cat. Think of it as the perfect pairing for that bottle of wine you’ve got stashed for a special occasion. But remember: wine is for humans; silver vine is for cats. 

6. Playtime - We’ve all been stuck indoors a lot the last couple of years and we’re ready for a change of pace. But your cat’s probably been indoors his entire life. He needs some variety. Playtime is the perfect solution to kitty boredom because it taps into a feline’s hunting instincts. 

The good news is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy toys to get your cat to play. Scraps of paper or unused cardboard boxes work just fine. But you can also try wand toys or bouncy balls. They’re both inexpensive and versatile to keep kitty entertained.

7. Tunnel of Love - Speaking of cheap entertainment, we all know cats love to hide and play in boxes, tunnels and other hiding spaces. They love to chew and shred paper bags and cardboard boxes. Plus, you can use whatever box, scratcher or packing material you have lying around. But if you choose to spend a bit of money on a play tunnel, our Hide and Sneak is designed to hit on your cat’s favorite features of a box—they can rip, shred, crush and scratch to their heart’s content. 

a dilute calico cat sitting on top of a crushed Hide and Sneak paper cat tunnel

8. You - Don’t forget how much your cat loves you. Spoiler: it’s about as much as you love your cat. The easiest way to show your cat you love her is to spend some quality time giving her some scritches. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get some purrs in return.

a girl kissing her white cat

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    I often tell my male cat that he’s “all the man that I need.” If only he could drive and make wages!!!

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