Better than a cardboard box

Cats love to hide and they love to observe. These behaviors are instinctual and make for successful hunting. In the wild, cats will silently stalk their prey, sometimes watching it for a long time before pouncing and going in for the kill. Cats didn’t lose those instincts when they became domesticated. In fact, you’ve probably seen your cat exhibiting hunting behaviors around your home.

Boxes, bags, and play tunnels are great spots for our feline companions to hide and observe. But they all have their shortcomings. This cat toy, however, is different and designed to bring natural and instinctual fun by combing all of the best features of a bag, a box, and a tunnel. The Hide and Sneak is even better than a cardboard box or paper bag and here's why.

The Hide and Sneak is better than a cardboard box because:

1. You can proudly gift a Hide and Sneak.

I don’t know about you, but I love giving my fellow cat lovers gifts. Whether it’s a cute T-shirt proclaiming you’re a cat mom or a fun new toy for your furry companion, I can’t resist. But I’m not giving my friends a used cardboard box as a gift, no matter how much their cat loves it. I want to give them a gift I can be proud of. And trust me when I say owners and cats will LOVE the Hide and Sneak.

2. It’s bigger and roomier than most boxes.

Cats like cozy spaces, but they also want to be able to move around. The easier it is to move around, the easier it is to pounce. Boxes can be a snug fit, but aren’t the best for a cat using hunting skills. Kitty tends to use boxes for bedding and chewing or shredding. When they want to hunt, they like to hide.

3. Cats love crinkly paper texture.

Many play tunnels are made from plastic, vinyl, and other synthetic materials. Most cats like the sound, but they prefer paper. It crinkles, just like leaves and underbrush. They can see light through it to hunt their prey, and, most importantly, it’s fun to shred and crush. Cats love to destroy their Hide and Sneaks, and I love it! That means they are getting much-needed stimulation and they’re not destroying furniture or other valuables.

4. It has two openings.

For felines in multicat households, there can be some tense competition for space. And while this doesn’t necessarily mean your cats hate each other, it can cause some “arguments.” Play tunnels work best for multiple cats when they have two openings. That way they have one for entering and one for escaping if a scuffle breaks out. The Hide and Sneak has two large openings that work for cats large and small.

tabby cat laying outside of a Hide and Sneak paper cat tunnel toy looking through the tunnel at the camera

5. It’s easy to store.

I’ve had play tunnels that you had to twist close, ones you couldn’t fold at all, and everything in between. When I designed the Hide and Sneak, I knew cat owners needed something that would fold easily for storage. Cats get bored with the same old toys every day, so toy rotation is key. When your cat is tired of the tunnel, put it away and pull out something else to entice them to play.

featured solution is the Hide and Sneak paper cat toy tunnel

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