15 Ways to Show Your Cat Love

We all love our four-legged feline family members. But don’t you wish you could tell them how much? Well, sometimes actions speak louder than words… especially when your cat can’t understand what your saying. Here are 15 easy ways to show your cat love. 

1. Create a spa experience.

Ever notice how your cat is drawn to your laundry when it’s fresh from the dryer? To treat my cats, I like to take fluffy towels and warm them in the dryer, on purpose, just for them to frolic in. Then I put the warm pile in a place my cats can’t resist.

2. Let them eat their greens.

Yes, cats are carnivores, but every now and again, they enjoy munching on tasty greenery. Indulge your cat with frequent opportunities to chew on safe grass and watch how much they relish it. The good news is that it is easy to grow, buy, or pick fresh grass or other edible kitty greens. Just be sure it’s free from pesticides or other potential toxins.

cat approaching food station with two empty bowls and two planter with grass growing in them

3. Keep them healthy.

Because cats are so good at going with the flow, it’s easy to forget that they need regular veterinary care. It’s important to take your cat to the vet for annual  or biannual (if your cat is a senior) checkups. It is less expensive and healthier to prevent diseases than to treat them. Nothing says, "I love you" more, than making sure your cat is always feeling good. 

4. Give the gift of fresh air.

Cats need fresh air and sunshine to thrive. Treat your furry friend to "a little sniff of the outside" as often as pawsible. Crack a window open, for a minute or two, during the wintertime. As it starts to get warmer, it’s a great opportunity to open it wider for a good sniff of the outside air. Providing your cat with plenty of fresh air is one of the easiest ways for you to show your love.

grey tabby cat sitting on windowsill with nose pointed up toward the sky

5. Tickle their senses.

Cats love a little variety. Maybe it’s time to try a new cat attractant. Catnip is an old standby, and works great for most cats, but cats also love silver vine, valerian and even honeysuckle. You can add a little fun to each day by hiding scented toys or treats for your cat to discover. 

6. Entertain them.

Play doesn’t have to be complicated. Drag around a shoelace for your cat to chase or ball up an old receipt for them to bat around. Grab a wand and get kitty running, jumping, and stalking. Hang a bird feeder or play videos of critters on your iPad or tv. Making playtime with your cat a priority is the best way to bond closer. You will both LOVE playing together.

7. Make them feel comfortable.

Cats love to snuggle and curl up in cozy places. They also delight in discovering new places to burrow and sleep in. You can help keep your cat's life interesting without having to spend a dime. Try some novel spots for your cat to sleep, like putting a blanket or bed on a shelf, in a box, or under a table. Get creative and let your cat know you are thinking of them. 

orange cat curled up in a gray wool bed placed on a low shelf

8. Bring home a surprise.

Variety is the spice of life, even for cats. It’s always a good time to bring home a new toy and actively play with your kitty. I’m always on the lookout for new “prey” for my cats. Since our indoor cats are solely dependent upon us to provide them with entertainment it is imperative that we do so often, and consistently. 

9. Treat them.

In the wild, cats have a varied diet, and your indoor cat, should too. Treat your tiger with opportunities to taste new foods like baked fish, chicken, corn on the cobb, or even pizza. Expand your cat's palate if possible. Your cat will be happier and healthier for it. 

10. Give them warmth.

Cats love to be toasty warm, and our homes can often be a tad cold for our cats. Get a kitty safe heating pad or microwavable heat source to your cat's bedding to keep them warm all year long. Open the blinds during the day and let the sunshine in. Sun puddles make the best cat gift ever!

long hair orange cat staring at camera while curled up on a burgundy woven cat bed

11. Encourage scratching.

Scratching and stretching is essential to a cat's wellbeing. Rather than discouraging scratching, buy them a new cat scratcher. Celebrate your cat's yoga stretches, scratching prowess, and biscuit making paws by providing your cat with a variety of scratchers.  Look around for creative options like ottomans, floor mats, or wicker chests. When it comes to scratching opportunities, the more you give your cat, the better. 

12. Give them a mani/pedi.

Take some time to trim your kitty’s claws regularly. Nails that grow too long can turn into unwanted medical problems. Keeping your cat's nails trimmed will not only contribute to his/her health, it will also save your furniture and your skin from errant scratches.

black cat claws holding onto an A-lure-ring cat toy

13. Speak their language.

Cats are smart, and they know how to communicate. Give them compliments using a soothing tone, and offer slow blinks — it’s how cats tell you they love you and trust you. 

14. Train them.

Clicker training is a great way to engage with your cat, and it can help you encourage desired behaviors in your cat. AdventureCats.org has a step-by-step guide on how to clicker train your cat. Cat School offers classes, resources, and tips to get you started. Time spent training your cat is time well spent. 

15. Prepare for the future.

Should anything happen to you, it’s a good idea to have a will or guardian in place. Your cats need to be cared for if you’re unable to do so and arranging for your cat's future is the ultimate way for you to show your love. Here's an interesting article you might find helpful.

tabby cat looking straight at camera


  • Joanie Batten

    I love the idea of purposely warming some towels for them to frolic in! They love warm sheets too. I two that like being gently tossed in a sheet when we are folding them. There own amusement ride!
    Thanks for so much inspiration.

  • Linda Kehres

    I can’t believe you state it’s encouraged to give cats “pizza!”

    Make them feel comfortable
    I have set up a cat bed next to my computer, sewing studio and living room, and it’s never one cat bed, it’s always two cat beds because they won’t share. It’s adorable how they want to be near me while I’m working, so I challenge myself to figure out how I can rearrange my furniture and equipment to give the cat a spot she will like while maintaining the ergonomics I need. I’ve found that taking the time to give the cats a good sleeping spot is totally worth it, as it keeps them calm and reduces the friction between them.

  • Deborah Julian

    What great ideas! I’m always looking for ways to enrich my cats lives. I hadn’t thought about warming towels in the dryer. Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

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