10 Creative Ways to Use Silver Vine

As far as cat attractants go, many people have replaced catnip with  silver vine. In fact, many cats who have no reaction to catnip will go nuts for our Cloud Nine Silver Vine. Sprinkling it on a soft toy is a great way to get cats interested in play, which is why we offer a sampler that comes with a Little Puff and a sample-sized Cloud Nine.

But our customers continue to surprise us with their creative uses for silver vine. Here are ten ways our customers have used silver vine to add scent enrichment to their cat’s routine.

Bedding – Jill B. said, “I sprinkle it on their beds and toys at night- the scent helps release endogenous endorphins, so they have less pain (one is arthritic, one has cancer) and can sleep better.”

tabby cat inside a cat tree hidey hole playing with a cloud toy

Toys – Carole L. said, “I found that a little goes a long way, and it is easily applied to a toy or wand (unlike catnip).”

Refresh catnip toys – Hengel R. said, “My older cat is not too keen on catnip and I wanted a product that would entice her to play with more of her toys. At first she was skeptical but I've caught her several times just frolicking with a silver vine dusted plush cactus.”

Treat – Jayne M. said, “I have to buy the large container because he gets a little treat at night before bed. He never lets me forget !”

Vet visits – Farrah J. said, “My cat Mousse and I absolutely love this product! Not only is it great for playfulness, it also calms him before a vet visit.”

Scratcher – Elinor M. said, “I put it on his scratcher and his toys and he gets all excited when he smells it.”

Boredom – Phaedra D. said, “I have worries over the kitties in the cattery. They've been there for years and will live their lives out there. Boredom is a major concern...NOT ANYMORE!!”

Stray and feral attraction – Melanie R. said, “I’ve also used this to get my feral cats into their winter houses. It’s awesome, and a little goes a long way.”

Exercise – Christine H. said, “My cats absolutely love this. They were rolling on the floor, flipping there toys in the air. It’s amazing.”

Charming – Perhaps Maureen O. has the best advice, though: “I always rub a bit of this in my slacks when visiting new kitties. People think I'm the cat charmer.”

woman sitting on couch with a calico cat approaching her

We’d love to hear from you. How have you used Cloud Nine with your cat?


  • jmuhj

    I keep my large tin of Cloud Nine Silvervine in its plastic bag in a sideboard with cat foods and other cat supplies. Even so, when I open that sideboard, Elvis goes straight for it, claws it down on the floor, and proceeds to get very, very happy. EVERY cat deserves Cloud Nine Silvervine! Accept No Imitations! ;)

  • Fran

    I’ve purchased Silver Vine twice. The first time my cats loved it. The second time it was ineffectual and I returned it.

  • jmuhj

    I do several of these, too! Rubbing some in their 7’ cat pipe condo rooms, on their cardboard horizontal scratchers, and on their toys piques their interest like nothing else can. Elvis has had the habit of jumping up on our bed and getting high off his toys on a nightly basis, followed by indulging his “munchies” with some of Suha’s food. He’s just like a teenage boy!

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