Cats are Wise Teachers

Cats are consistently living their best lives. Us humans could learn a thing or two from our four-legged overlords. Here are ten things we’ve learned from cats about living life to the fullest. 

1. Sleep whenever/wherever you can. Cats have a knack for sleeping anywhere and everywhere and at all hours of the day and night. Humans, on the other hand, are consistently sleep-deprived. We work ourselves to death and then wonder why we’re always so tired. Take a cue from your cat and sneak in a nap this weekend.

clothes rack with cat lying on towel on top of rack

2. Find joy in the little things. Our feline companions don’t need smartphones or Netflix to keep themselves entertained. They can have just as much fun with an errant dust bunny, wayward hair tie or simple crinkly paper ring as they can with the most expensive toys. Simple boxes and bags make for great adventures.

orange tabby kitten inside a crumpled bag looking at camera

3. Only eat what you want and when you want. If you’ve ever put a cat on a diet, you know the myriad ways they will make you aware of their dislike for their new cuisine. Of course, they also tend to wake you up before the sun to be fed. And a particularly sly cat can come up with creative ways to beg for treats, like suckering friends and family into believing they haven’t been fed in years. But maybe our finicky felines are on to something. Both cats and humans are happier and healthier when they eat nutritious and tasty food consistently and only occasionally splurge on a treat or two.

cat sniffing a bowl of cereal with raspberries and nuts

4. Don’t be afraid to demand affection. Cats have an unfair reputation of being aloof, but we know the truth: kitty understands exactly when to cuddle up for maximum benefit, and she’ll make it clear. This rare affection has its health benefits for us as well. A cat’s purr has been shown to promote healing and mood-stabilization in humans and pets alike. Even the simple act of petting a cat has a calming effect. Kitty definitely knows where it’s at when it comes to a good snuggle.

5. Wake up early and eat a good breakfast. The saying goes that the early bird gets the worm. So it stands to reason that the early cat gets the bird. Still, those 5 a.m. wake up calls are never fun for those of us on the receiving end. But perhaps we can learn something from our four-legged friends. Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk. So in the wee hours of the morning, when us humans are deep in sleep, cats are already starting their day.

close up of a bird with a worm in its mouth

6. Get your exercise through play. The lesson here is simple: exercise can be fun. Cats don’t balk at working out because it’s all play time to them. Chasing a Wiggly Ball, pouncing on a Little Puff, stalking a Cuttlefish, jumping on a Magic Carpet—it’s all in a day’s play for kitty. They know how to find an activity they love and go, go, go.

grey tabby cat on his back looking at camera with a paper Flutter-ring cat toy in its mouth

7. Indulge in alone time. Whether hiding under furniture or snuggled deep in a play tunnel, cats are experts at finding a quiet place to contemplate the meaning of life. Rest and relaxation are just as important as play, and cats get ample doses of both.

cat curled up inside a muslim bag

8. Get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. If you’ve ever seen a cat lounging in a sunny patch of floor in your living room, you know how much they love sun-bathing. An open window can make the most ambivalent cat perk up and sniff the air. Or better yet, get outside and go on an adventure with your kitty. Leash training can be fun for you both.

white cat outside being walked on a leash

9.  Always land on your feet. Cats have the ability to balance down to an art. They know how to keep their cool in the trickiest of situations. And on the rare occasion when they do fall, they get right back up and pretend it never happened. Perhaps here lies the best lesson of all: stay balanced in all things and always get back up when you fall.

cat balancing on picket fence

10. Love completely. When a cat claims you as their person, you know it’s for keeps. But they can also pretty careful of who they let in. Pick your friends carefully, and love them forever.

adorable tabby cat looking straight at camera

We’d love to hear from you. What lessons have you learned from your cat?


  • Mary Farnworth

    My boy and two girls have an uncanny sense of time…they notify me within five minutes of every meal time every day. I can set my own schedule by their accuracy!

  • Mary Farnworth

    My boy and two girls have an uncanny sense of time…they notify me within five minutes of every meal time every day. I can set my own schedule by their accuracy!

  • jmuhj

    YES on all of the above (well, except for the nap part — personally, I’m not into that. But my cats certainly are!) and I might add another: INDULGE in SILVERVINE frequently. ;)

  • Catherine Lingg

    I suffer from anxiety, I’m always stressed. My sweet Rosie craves lots of lovies. She’ll follow me and trill, then plop over on her side waiting for kisses and tummy rubs. My therapist told me STOP every time she does that, and give her some love and your time, sure enough, I’m instantly calmer. There you go

  • jmuhj

    Those are some excellent lessons and we follow most of them every day! Love your cats!

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