Wiggly Pong - Dezi & Roo
Wiggly Pong - Dezi & Roo
Wiggly Pong - Dezi & Roo
Wiggly Pong - Dezi & Roo
Wiggly Pong - Dezi & Roo

Wiggly Pong

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Designed by US - veterinarians for cats and by US - cat lovers!

The Wiggly Pong cat toy brings together realistic "prey" movement and sound into an irresistible fun ball that challenges your cat for hours of fun.

Your cat will love:
  • Hours of fun running, chasing and jumping after the fast-moving pong ball
  • Swatting, biting and batting at the blended catnip-marinated "tail"
  • Getting mesmerized by the life-like corkscrew movement as the pong ball rolls
  • Hearing the rattling sound as the pong shoots across the room
  • Picking up and proudly presenting his "prey", as your cat would outside
You will love:
  • Watching and playing with your cat as you toss it down halls, at walls and more
  • That is has been cat-tested and approved by serious cat lovers
  • That it's designed by veterinary professionals and handmade right here in the USA
  • The price 

Product details:

Standard-sized ping pong balls with tails between 6-8 in.

Available in sampler packs here.

Colors vary according to stock.

Please supervise your pet's use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result.