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One of Everything! Bundle

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You read that right, cat fam. As they say, f-around and find out. Consider this us finding out. 

With this bundle you will receive one of every single thing we have for your kitty cat. Here's the list:

Silly Stix - 4 pack
Roo's Rock Candy
Pop 'n Purr lollipop
Pop 'n Purr candy
Cloud Nine silvervine medium; 15gm 
Little Puff cloud plushie 
Wiggly Ping
Wiggly Pong
Wiggly Ball
Wiggly Glow
Magic Carpet
Hide and Sneak tunnel
Wiggly Wand with attachments: Squid, Cuttlefish, Looper, Buzzer, Bobber, Oh-Ring, Flutter-Ring, and A-Lure-Ring
Paws Need Claws sticker