Little Puff - Dezi & Roo
Little Puff - Dezi & Roo
Little Puff - Dezi & Roo
Little Puff - Dezi & Roo

Little Puff

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If you’re a fan of our Cloud Nine Silver Vine sampler pack you already know how much fun the Little Puff cloud toy can be, and now we’re offering it individually!

Made from plush felt, and the perfect size toy for any cat, it’s sure to spark some kitty curiosity. Simple, yet effective for playtime, Little Puffs come in a pack of three – to spoil one or entertain them all! The Little Puffs come lightly dusted with our cat approved Cloud Nine Silver Vine, making it the perfect toy for your cat to track and hunt. Grab a pack, scent them to your cat’s liking, and hide them before leaving the house to stimulate kitty for hours!

  • Package of three plush clouds 
  • Fuzzy fabric cats enjoy digging their claws and teeth into 
  • 3” in size resembles little mice in a new and different way 
  • Lightly dusted with our exclusive Cloud Nine Silver Vine 
  • Can be easily refreshed with a sprinkle of Cloud Nine or another cat attractant
  • Excellent gift for every cat lover
*Cloud Nine Silver Vine not included but can be purchased separately.

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