Flutter-Ring - Dezi & Roo
Flutter-Ring - Dezi & Roo
Flutter-Ring - Dezi & Roo
Flutter-Ring - Dezi & Roo


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It’s no secret that cats love paper. What’s even better is CRINKLED paper! Now take that crinkled paper, add a stimulating loop, a little motion to activate playtime, and you have a Flutter-ring! The Flutter-ring is handmade and can be played with alone or attached to our Wiggly Wand (sold separately). This version is a great alternative to our popular Ping, Pong, and Wiggly Balls to change up playtime, and keep your cat coming back for more.

Why choose the Flutter-ring?

  • The ring itself can be caught by ALL cats and hooked and held in a fun and interactive way
  • Claws are recommended but not required for this game of catch
  • The loop makes it easier for declawed cats to hold onto

Attach the Flutter-Ring to our Wiggly Wand, give it a tug or swipe, and watch your cat turn on his prey drive. Biting is encouraged with this 100% safe material. 

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