A-Lure-Ring - Dezi & Roo
A-Lure-Ring - Dezi & Roo
A-Lure-Ring - Dezi & Roo


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Let’s get realistic about cat-play; there’s nothing better than the thrill of the chase. While comparable to the Ping and Pong Balls, our new a-lure-ring toy has the declawed-friendly paper ring with a pounce-worthy tail. This unique cat toy makes instinctive play achievable for all cats, even those who have been declawed.

Why so a-lure-ring?

  • Made by hand out of eco-friendly paper that is biodegradable
  • Unpredictable motions of the tail get your cat moving
  • Easily attachable to our Wiggly Wand
  • The bite-friendly ring is easy for cats to catch and hold onto
  • Cats can pounce, hook, swat and chase for unlimited fun.


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