Cats in Circles - Fact or Fiction?


When we were asked by The Purrington Post to participate in a crazy fun post about cats in circles, we jumped right in with all four paws.  Our circle of Wiggly Balls worked flawlessly, catching a cat within minutes of setting the experiment up and, voila, we had a cute picture to share. 

We weren’t surprised! We have always known that a cats’ preferred shape is round.  It isn’t a scientific or known fact, but real cat people know cats are circular by nature.  Take a look at how they curl up in one when they sleep and how they walk in circles around your legs.  Many prefer round beds and caves to the more traditional rectangular ones.  By pure speculation, circles appear intriguing to cats because they may signal warmth, comfort, and security.  And while we may never know the real reason for this unusual behavior, we do know that a great way to catch a cat is with a cleverly designed circle, cardboard box or Hide and Sneak cat tunnel.  They seem work every time.  

grey tabby cat in a circle with a wiggly ball

Just look at all of these adorable pics in this cute article called "Cats and Circles" that celebrates the curiosity of cats and don't forget to give your precious feline a Wiggly Ball meow!

Thank you Good Mews Animal Foundation for allowing us to play with your cats and take pictures of them.  We support your mission.

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