Top 10 things cats make us grateful for

This holiday season, we’re likely to find ourselves feeling a bit lonely if we aren’t able to see friends and family. Thankfully, we’ve got our four-legged companions to remind us of everything cats do that we can be grateful for. Here are my top ten.

Keeping us company – Working from home has taught me just how important my cats are. They keep me company while I work, and they stay nearby to make sure I know where they are. It’s nice to be able to take a break and pet my best friends.

blond haired woman leaning in to kiss a tabby cat that is looking up at her

Boosting our emotions - I know on days when I’m feeling down, my cats comfort me. In fact, cats seem intuitive about our moods and will purr to comfort us. It doesn’t get any better than that.

close up of a calico cat with a woman's face visible behind the cat

Making us smile – When I need a pick-me-up, I like to play with my cats. The silly faces they make while hunting, the butt wiggle before they pounce, and even the zoomies they get in the middle of the night make me laugh.

Allowing us to feel needed – Cats aren’t as aloof as we tend to think. They need us as much as we need them. If you ever need a reminder, think about what happens when you’re late with dinner.

woman in a wheelchair in a kitchen leaning down to pet a tabby cat

Teaching us important lessons – We can learn a lot from our cats, like living in the meow. A cat never waits to enjoy their treats, they nap when they’re tired, and they play when the mood strikes.

Giving us the opportunity to love and be loved – Some people might not understand, but I think of my cats as some of my best friends. They offer me unconditional love and I return the favor by offering my affection and a warm, safe place to live. It’s the perfect partnership.

close up of a calico cat lying on the bed and reaching out to the camera with it's front paw

Reducing our stress – Few things are more soothing than petting a cat, except maybe petting a purring cat. When cats allow us to pet them or sleep near them, it helps us to relax, and they feel safe and loved as well.

a torti cat laying upside down in someone's armsphoto by

Catching small bugs – The other night I watched my cats as they hunted a beetle. It allowed me to catch it and release it outside. They also alert me to geckos and spiders so I don’t get surprised by the critters in the dark.

black and white kitten laying on its side with front paws extended to catch a buzzer cat toy wand attachment

They are beautiful – My favorite feature is a cat’s velvety nose. I can’t resist rubbing their noses and I love when they bunt against my legs. Everything about a cat is just beautiful. They are so elegant and nimble. From ears to tail, I can’t get enough.

fluffy, long haired orange and white tabby cat looking straight at camera

They are soft and warm – Perhaps the single best thing about cats is the cuddles. As the colder months approach, it’s nice to stay inside and snuggle up with a warm, purring cat.

buzzer cat toy wand attachment

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