Holiday surprises

 light colored tabby cat looking at camera with christmas tree lights shining in the backgroundUnlike people, cats don’t seem to appreciate the little trinkets and treats we get for them during the holidays. But with a little creativity, you can surprise your kitty with a little extra play and a season full of fun while also getting yourself in the holiday spirit.

Rotate toys. This is the easiest item on the list. We talk a lot about toy fatigue, so you should already be doing this regularly. Simply dust off the toys you put away last month or buy some new, festive toys for the season. Regular rotation of toys and scratchers keeps cats interested in play and excites their senses. A toy kitty previously lost interest in can become exciting new prey when she hasn’t seen it for a while. This simple strategy can keep your cat engaged in meaningful play year round.

Refresh a wand toy. The great thing about our Wiggly Wand toy is that you can swap out the attachments whenever kitty becomes bored or when your Squid, Worm, or Cuttlefish wears out. Or you can even make your own! Start by finding some play-friendly materials that will capture your cat’s attention. Anything that crinkles or wiggles will probably do the trick. Then, take the pieces and tie them together, leaving a loop on the end that can be attached to the clip on the end of the Wiggly Wand. Close the clip and get ready to play. Here is an informative video showing you another creative way to make a simple and fun wand toy for your kitty.. 

Wrap a gift. Take one of kitty’s favorite soft toys and dust it with catnip or silver vine. Or snag a Little Puff from our store. They come with a dusting of silver vine that you can easily refresh when it loses its zing. Then, loosely wrap the toy in paper or hide it under a Magic Carpet and hide it somewhere that kitty has to seek it out by smell. Your cat will be excited to solve her very own puzzle by hunting for the scented toy. Just remember not to allow your cat to play with string, ribbon or thread. These can become serious linear foreign bodies that are dangerous and often deadly.

orange tabby cat sitting in front of wrapped gift boxes

Do some holiday baking. If you like to treat your cat, consider tossing some cat-friendly treats in the oven when you bake cookies for Santa. This easy recipe uses items you probably already have in your kitchen. If your kitty’s on a prescription or strict diet, you can still treat him with fresh baked goods. Check out this list from Hill’s that uses canned cat food to bake some tasty treats. Make it extra fun by hiding them in a few places around the house.

orange tabby cat being hand fed a piece of breaded chicken

Buy a new cat tree or scratcher. Once your lighted and decorated tree is up, kitty may be tempted to climb the branches or even knock it over. Consider offering him an alternative like his own tree or scratching post. Then instead of yelling when he goes for the family tree, you can redirect the behavior to his new plaything. You might even try decorating it with safe, unbreakable cat toy ornaments to make it more enticing. Hang some of our Ring Collection toys for added fun. Remember, never use tinsel or string as it could pose a real danger to your kitty.

Tabby cat sleeping on fur bed nestled between two tree branches

Whatever you do this holiday season, make sure you remember to include your cat with lots of play and warm, cozy snuggles. For more information on how to keep your cat safe this holiday season, see last year's post on How to Avoid Unnecessary Holiday Dangers. 

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  • jmuhj

    What varied and wonderful ideas to delight beloved cats—thank you for sharing these and may all readers and their cats have a wonderful winter season!

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