The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Cats

Has your cat been naughty or nice this year? Maybe a bit of both? Either way, I’m sure you’re thinking of ways to spoil your feline companion this holiday season. So we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide to satisfy even the pickiest cats.

orange cat wearing a santa hat looking at camera with twinkling lights in the background

Wand Toys

This one always tops the list because cats love toys that mimic real prey, and the best way to do that is with a wand toy. You can make these versatile tools skitter, jump, and slither just like the tiny critters cats catch in the wild. Any wand toy will do but, of course, we recommend our very own Wiggly Wand because you can easily swap out the attachments for more pounce per ounce.

Play Tunnels

Cats are experts at hiding. It’s simple instinct. They love to crouch down low and find an inconspicuous spot from which they can watch their prey before they pounce. They also hide to feel safe. When they live in our homes, cats will often hide under beds and in closets. You can give them more options by providing them with play tunnels, like our Hide and Sneak, or even your leftover cardboard boxes and gift boxes.

main coone cat inside a Hide and Sneak paper cat toy tunnel looking out


Plush Toys

Some kitties like to pounce on soft toys that remind them of ground prey. You can buy them stuffed mice or other critters to play with. Of course, we’re fans of the Little Puff because its small and soft like stuffed mice, but it features a treat of a sprinkling of silver vine.


Speaking of treats, I’m sure your cats love them as much as mine do. When that bag crinkles, they come running. But don’t just think of food items as treats, consider cat attractants like catnip and silver vine. These can offer your cat stimulation and a euphoric feeling without adding extra calories to their diet. 

tabby cat looking at camera with tongue out and a plush cloud toy with catnip all over it in front of the cat

Toy Variety

Cats are creatures of habit, but when it comes to their toys they need variety and regular changes. In the wild, a cat will hunt several kinds of prey, and play with leaves, grass and bugs to stave off boredom. Indoor cats need the same opportunities so make sure you give them ample opportunity for changes in their faux prey. Our online store has so many different wand attachments and cat-approved toys that you could change out your cats toy once a month and be covered for the entire year!


Our latest release is a versatile wand attachment called the Bobber that fits perfectly on our Wiggly Wand or any other wand toy. Cats will love both the paper tassels that sound like small prey rustling in leaves and the soft chenille center that can be carried around like their favorite plush. We also have an option with a bell for extra aural stimulation.


No matter what you give your cats this holiday season, take time out of your busy schedule to play with them. Trust me, even if it’s just balling up an old receipt and tossing it for them to chase, your cats will love the extra bit of play time. All the extra boxes and bags you have around will make for great hiding places too. You don’t have to spend a lot to encourage your cats to play.

Fresh Air

In many parts of the country it’s cold right now, but your cat would still appreciate the fresh air. Give him a few minutes of the outdoors by opening a window or giving him supervised time in your yard. You might even try leash training your cat. has some great free resources to help you out. 

Love & Affection

Last, but certainly not least, give your kitty a little extra bit of snuggle time or a few more chin scritches. They give us so much all year; it’s time to return the favor.

a greay cat looking on camera while lying on a person's lap

solution banner featuring a buzzer cat toy wand attachment

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