Top 3 reasons to enjoy life indoors with your cat

I like to consider myself an optimist, so I’m always looking for that silver lining in everything. Right now, with many of us stuck at home or socially distant for eight weeks or more, boredom is starting to set in and stress is high. The good news is, I’ve got the best cure: your cat.

long haired orange tabby cat with white chest staring at camera

No, seriously. You’re bored. Your cat is bored. The media is making you nuts. Why not make this a win-win? Here are the top 3 reasons why being stuck at home with your cat is a good thing.

featured solution: Cloud Nine showing a tin of silvervine and a cat laying on back with belly showing

More time to play. I blog all the time about the importance of regular, meaningful play, and right now is the purrfect time to start your cat on a routine. Set aside a time every day to throw a Wiggly Ball, dangle a Wiggly Wand, or play a game of Hide and Sneak with your cat. When play time is over, give her a treat or two and then repeat in a few hours. Once you get into a steady routine of play then treat, I promise neither of you will forget play time again.

orange tabby cat looking inside a camera bag and swatting at the toys inside

Man’s best friend is a cat. Is there anything better than sitting on your couch with your cat in your lap while watching your favorite movie? Maybe you like to sing to your cat. Or maybe he likes to watch you cook. I’ve been known to have full-on conversations with my cats. I think they’re really good listeners and their purrs help relieve my stress. Even the act of petting a cat can make us feel good.

long haired tabby cat with notched ear looking regally straight at camera

Cuttlefish paper cat toy by Dezi & Roo

Getting nursed back to health. My cats always seem to know when I’m not feeling well and they will start to stick a little bit closer when I have a cold or an off day. This is how I know cats have empathy. They will snuggle up and purr to comfort us, and that’s because they see us as part of their family. This behavior is what cats in colonies or nursing litters will do to help sick or injured animals. Just like with stress, purring can help. The specific frequency of a cat’s purr actually promotes healing. Cats have used this unique feature to heal and soothe each other for thousands of years. How lucky are we that cats domesticated us and now use their super power to help us?

two cat paws lovingly wrapped around a human's arm

Did I leave anything out? What are some reasons it’s great to be home with your cat?



  • jmuhj

    I always work from/at home, so my beloved cats are used to me (and my roomies) being around. It’s the best of all worlds!

  • Farrah

    Thank you for the article! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being home with my cat. We wake up in the morning together, we spend our days together. Enjoy our meals together, and then go to bed at night together. He is such a pleasure to be around come and brings so much joy into my life. I appreciate his company more than I ever realized. When I end up going back to work, we’re both going miss our staycation… I will definitely make more time for him, definitely more play time and just chilling out and enjoying each other’s company he is my best friend and I feel so blessed and lucky to have him in my life.

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