The Purrfect Cat Grass in Three Easy Steps

Growing grass for your cat or small pet is quick and easy.  Make sure you have purchased organic soil and organic grass seed. We recommend blended seed, preferably that consists of rye, wheat, oat, and barley. Grass seed typically grows in 6-9 days and your cat will love the munching on it. All you need is a small pot, organic soil, grass seed, and water.

Step 1:  Fill 3/4 of the pot with soil. Add a tablespoon or two of grass seed. Place a small handful of soil on top of the seed to cover.

Step 2:  Water thoroughly and place in a dark area for approximately 3 days or until shoots appear. Make sure to keep the soil moistened without over soaking it.

Step 3:  Once shoots appear place pot of grass in sunlight, water daily and within 7-10 days you will have lush growth in which to offer to your cat.

growing cat grass for indoor cats

Cats love their greens and indoor cats lack access to them. Although there are no scientific studies we know of that have addressed the issue of cats consuming grass, we do know there is no harm in it. There may even be lots of health benefits associated with it. The grass is chock full of Vitamin B and folic acid, may be anti-parasitic, provides fiber, is a natural laxative and helps a cat to vomit or pass hairballs. One thing is for certain and that is that many cats simply enjoy it.  Sadly, those housed exclusively indoors having limited access to the grass they crave and may seek out and eat other, more harmful plants or substances, that they do have a way to get a hold of. Growing your own grass, safe from pesticides and fertilizers, is a great way to enhance the life of your indoor cat. While most cats limit their intake, if your cat vomits regularly or eats it every day, you should have it seen by a veterinarian to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong.

If you would like to learn more ways in which to bring the outdoors in for your cat, check out our two-part blog that will help you with lots of good ideas. It is important for all cats to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, grass and an enriched environment that promotes exercise with lots of opportunities to play.  It is the best way to keep them happy and healthy.



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