Top 5 uses for the Looper cat toy

As we’ve said before, every cat has different preferences for hunting, and that means they have unique preferences when it comes to playing. Some cats love to chase old receipts, used napkins and random leaves that make their way into your home. If you have a kitty who loves to shred or crinkle, they’re going to love our newest toy, the Looper. The Looper is a versatile plastic loop that can be attached to a wand toy, like our own Wiggly Wand, or even a piece of string or rope. You can use the tissue paper that comes with it or grab your kitty’s favorite scrap. The choices are endless.

Here are our top 5 uses for the new Looper:

1. Fly like a bird. Many cats love watching birds in flight and catching them as prey, but an indoor kitty doesn’t have many opportunities to hunt for them. Give him a chance to pounce on a piece of tissue paper by floating it horizontally down to the ground. Watch him crouch into pre-pounce and leap for his prey.

2. Skitter like a bug. In the wild, cats will hunt small prey like bugs, lizards and rodents, which all skitter on the ground. With the Looper, you can choose something that makes a crinkly noise that mimics real-live prey. Use the tissue paper and pull the looper across the floor. Watch kitty stalk and go in for the kill.

3. Bring the outside in. Cats need lots of new scents and textures to live fully enriched lives. Even in the wild, cats will play when they’re not hunting. Every sight, sound, and smell can be entertaining to an observant kitty. The Looper lets you bring in leaves, twigs, or grass and wind it through the loop for tons of natural fun. Let the kitty sniff it out and chew or shred to their heart’s content.

4. Recycle worn toys. One of the best uses for our new Looper is it can help your existing toys last longer. If you have a Magic Carpet or Hide and Sneak that has seen better days, use the torn pieces with your looper to keep kitty playing for longer. But, keep it safe - don't use string, thread, or long pieces of plastic.

5. Let kitty “kill” their prey. Cat toys are meant to wear out. If your cat’s toys always look brand new, you’re not using them enough. The Looper lets kitty mimic killing and eating their prey. Tissue paper, napkins, and leaves are all great for your cat to enjoy the thrill of “killing” their catch as they rip and shred. And paper is safe for kitty to ingest in moderation.

We know you and your cat will love the Looper. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Thank you to our meowdels at Java Cats Cafe in Marietta, GA.  Believe it or not, these kitties are up for adoption and looking for pawrents to love them furever. We think they did a fantastic job of helping us showoff the Looper? Do you agree?

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  • Jennifer B

    The Looper is a clever and versatile cat toy. I love that the paper makes noise, and so does my cat! I attached Looper to your Wiggly Wand and got my cat, who is a skilled jumper but has not been jumpring recently, to start jumping again. I think he was responding to the way the toy floats easily, moving like a bird or bug in the air. With a quick wrist movement I can make the paper noisy and he leaps right into action. This is a great toy to stimulate senses and get a cat moving.

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