Start your spring cleaning MEOW!

Most of the country has started to slowly creep out of the cold winter months and into full-blown Spring. Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and pollen is making us sneeze. Okay, that last bit isn’t so fun, but otherwise, Spring is a time of renewal and change, making it the purrfect time to rotate your cat’s toys.

Sometimes it’s tempting to keep those old stand-bys—you know, the wand attachment that Fluffy always goes nuts for, or the kick toy that’s so loved it’s a dirty shade of brown—but it’s important for kitty’s mental health to give him some variety from time to time. Even if he has favorites, you can change small things about them to keep playtime interesting and challenging for him.

a very worn and torn up Hide and Sneak paper cat tunnel toy

One of the easiest swaps to make is a wand toy. Our Wiggly Wand comes with a handy clip that lets you swap out between multiple attachments. If kitty is a fan of the Worm, maybe try our new A-Lure-Ring attachment. Or if he’s obsessed with the Cuttlefish, maybe try the Flutter-Ring.  They’ve got the same familiar attachment piece, but with a fun ring twist that will spark kitty’s imagination.

Another easy fix is to make sure your cat’s Hide and Sneak is still in (mostly) one piece. Those play tunnels can take a beating, as they should! Now’s a great time to replace your old, worn out one, or add on a Hobby Trail.

a series of Hide and Sneak paper cat tunnels linked together to form a cat sized hobby trail

Finally, try something totally new. If your cat loves catnip, maybe you can tempt him with a pinch of silver vine. Or maybe a Magic Carpet will make your cat pounce like a kitten. The sky is the limit when it comes to toy rotation. Just give your cat something new to play with and toss those old, worn-out toys.

Remember, all cats are different and it may take some trial and error to find out what really gets your cat excited for play time. That probably means you have a lot of unused toys around the house. I know I do. But don’t worry. That’s an easy fix too because a toy that bores your cat to pieces may be just the ticket for another deserving kitty.  

That’s why one of my favorite things to do when I’m spring cleaning is to collect all the accumulated unused and still new toys that my cats won’t play with and share them with a fellow cat loving friend or donate them to my local shelter. It gets the clutter out of the house and gets some really fun toys in the paws of cats and kittens in need.

three kittens looking out of cage bars straight at camera

So throw open the windows, take your allergy medicine, and rotate your cat’s toys. I promise you kitty will thank you.

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