How to keep your cat healthy

All cats need regular play, aka, exercise to live happy and healthy lives.

I know, I know. I’ve said this before. A lot. But it’s truly the most important thing we can do for our feline companions. Cats are social, active creatures, but when they become household pets, they tend to sleep a lot.

Part of this is a good thing. Cats who sleep deeply feel comfortable and safe in their surroundings. You are protecting and caring for them, after all. Take it as a sign that she feels safe and loved. But if a cat oversleeps, it may be due to boredom or even illness. And both of those conditions are directly linked to a lack of activity.

tabby cat sleeping with paws covering eyes

It makes sense if you think about it, humans who lack regular exercise may experience a variety of health problems ranging from heart disease to depression. In fact, a 2015 study in the journal Cell Metabolism confirmed that a lack of exercise in humans can lead to “devastating physiological and clinical consequences.” In other words, not exercising can negatively affect our mental and physical health.

The study went even further, though, to say that not only can a lack of exercise cause and worsen diseases, but regular exercise may be able to cure or improve symptoms from disease. Think about that for a moment. Regular exercise could be the cure for dozens of our mental and physical ailments.

woman on the floor playing with her cat

And why should cats be any different? They are mammals just like us and we also know that bored and underactive cats suffer from these same maladies that humans do. They need to exercise and engage with their surroundings. They crave it.

And, if regular exercise and play can keep our kitties from developing disease, why shouldn’t we play with them more? They are part of our family and deserve the best. Perhaps the best news of all is that just five minutes a day can improve your cat’s overall health. In fact, if your cat is sedentary or elderly, it’s best to start small.

So grab a wand toy and get to playing. Your cat will thank you.

Wiggly Wand Squid cat toy

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