More good reasons to love cats

Yes, I know we just talked about being thankful for our cats, but I couldn’t just stop at three. It’s easy to be thankful for a pet that provides you with purrfect companionship. So here are three more things that make us glad there are pet cats in the world.

Scratchy tongues – I’ve always found it interesting that cats have coarse, sandpapery tongues. Unlike a dog’s smooth tongue, cats use the tiny backward-facing barbs on their tongue and a set of tiny incisors to groom themselves and even eat meat. A queen giving birth will use her teeth to cut the umbilical cords of her kittens and her tongue to clean them up. Later, she will teach them how to catch, kill and consume prey. All in all, cats’ mouths are amazing. And even though we’ve eliminated their need to hunt by feeding them regularly, they still like to bite and chew when they play. To keep their instincts sharp, try out a shreddable paper toy like our new Looper. You can insert anything from paper to leaves and let kitty bite, shred and chew to her heart’s content.

tabby cat licking a person's hand

Liquid bodies – There was a great internet meme a few years back where people would post pictures of cats that had contorted themselves to fit in the tiniest, and sometimes most uncomfortable-looking places. “If I fit, I sit,” became a mantra for cats—and cat owners—everywhere. Part of this uniquely feline behavior probably comes from a cat’s hunting instinct, where cats will watch and stalk their prey from afar. They like cozy hiding places where they can keep an eye on their prey. And they also like to stay warm, so small spaces are ideal for conserving body heat. Why not thank them for hours of meme-worthy entertainment and give them an ideal hiding spot like a play tunnel or cardboard box? Our Hide and Sneak combines the best of both worlds with its eco-friendly paper and cat-approved tunnel design.

cat lying in a paper Hide and Sneak cat tunnel toy

Collapsible paper cat tunnel, the Hide and Sneak

Enchanting eyes – Whether blue, green, yellow or gold, cats seem to hold galaxies in their eyes. But they can also see some of the most subtle movements, like breathing or blinking, thanks to eyesight that is 40 times better than a human’s. This means that a big chunk of their day is all about observing. Despite amazing sensitivity to movement, cats can’t see as much fine detail or the range of colors we can, but they do have an amazing ability to see in low light. Cats’ eyes need about one-sixth of the light that humans’ do, thanks to a higher number of rods in their retinas. To thank kitty for her amazing eyes, look for toys with realistic prey-like movement, like our Wiggly Ball and Wiggly Pong. She may spend a lot of time observing, but trust me, she is engaged and happy.

grey tabby cat looking directly into camera

What about you? How will you show your cats you’re thankful for them?

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