Unique Ways to Commemorate Your Cat Through Pictures

girl holding two black kittens

What is more heart-warming than catching sight of a loved one’s picture on a desktop, or entry table or hallway? Especially when that photo takes you back in time. We were inspired by watching some incredible videos on YouTube of creative people taking the same photo every year like this one of a father and son and this one of five friends called the "Five Year Photo".  It is amazing to see the changes in appearance each year can make and it is even more pronounced when the position and backdrop of the photo remain the same.

If you’re like me, you love to remember how adorable and charming your babies looked at all the stages of their growing up years, and our fur babies are no exception. With human kiddos, school pictures are a hassle-free way to see the changes, but with our fur-kids, we have to be the creative ones. They also merit a worthy backdrop, showing the changes as they mature. A fabulous way to do this is with a backdrop that is repeated each year so those changes are the highlight. But that‘s a pretty tall order.

very young white kitten bundled in pink blanket

And of course, pictures of cats make us happy. We take tons of pictures of our kitties sleeping, playing, eating, and getting into mischief.  It makes us feel good to share them and when people “like” or “comment” on their adorableness.  We all have them on our phone, computer, flash drive, and icloud.  Some of us even make Christmas cards or gifts from our cat photos.  Let’s face it, we’re crazy pet parents and we love our babies.

Looking at cat pictures and videos makes us happier and healthier

An Indiana University study showed that watching cat videos boosts energy level and positive emotions and decreases negative feelings.  It’s no wonder looking at pictures and videos of cats have taken the internet by storm.  Here are some interesting facts that may or may not surprise you:

  •        65% of pet owners who use social media, post about their pets online
  •        Internet users share more than twice as many online cat pictures than selfies
  •        Cat videos had more views per video than any other category of YouTube 
  •        Cat owners take an average of 4 -5 photos of their cats a day

So what’s behind this obsession we have with our furry friends? It’s partly because we no longer consider them “just animals” instead, they are “cherished family members.”  Like proud parents of newborns, we can’t resist capturing and documenting their every moment then sharing with anyone who will let us.  It is only recently, with the advent of the “indoor cat”, that we have gained intimate access, and the ability to immortalize our indoor pets’ every move. And like you, cat owners have seized on the opportunity with a vengeance.

two cats playing with the Hide and Sneak cat tunnel

How to take the most memorable photos of your cat, year after year

And since we all do have a million photos of our pet (see ours on Instagram), we have a great idea to share with you.

We recently photographed a litter of kittens playing in the Hide and Sneak and laughed our way throughout the entire photoshoot.  Watching little balls of fluff play in and out of the tunnel, exploring it for the first time, running through it and jumping out of it had us all in stitches laughing and beaming with joy.  They were having a great “play-date” with this fun new toy and it was a wonderful sight to watch. When those little faces peered through the end of the tunnel it made the perfect frame for a commemorative photo.

two little kittens inside the Hide and Sneak paper cat toy tunnel


Remembering how cute those kitten faces were on our “play-date,” we started thinking how easy and attractive it would be to take pictures of our own cats looking out from the Hide and Sneak entrance at multiple intervals throughout their lives.  Imagine what an incredible series of pictures that would make and what a fabulous memory book we would have.

four pictures of the same cat from kittenhood to adult

Why use the Hide and Sneak?

The Hide and Sneak is the perfect backdrop for taking serial pictures year after year because it has a great frame in which to see your cat peering out and it is ideal for reproducing the same photo time and time again.  In order for a photo series like this to work, the setting must be the same and remain consistent and the Hide and Sneak is the best way to do this with cats. They always get into it, peek out from it, you can place it anywhere, take it anywhere and the pictures will remain the same over and over again.  So the fabulous difference will be your cat’s appearance as it ages which is the purpose of making this personal and intimate documentary.

collage of cats peering out of the Hide and Sneak paper cat tunnel

When should you take your pictures?

Kittens seem to change right before our very eyes those first few months, and they can be photographed in the Hide and Sneak weekly during this explosive growth period, and then monthly once they become adults.  You might consider taking the same picture of older cats every few months or years on their “gotcha day”.  The wonderful thing about this idea is that you can create your documentary memory book in whatever way suits you best.  

cat lying inside the paper cat tunnel toy Hide and Sneak on her Gotcha Day

 Decorating tips to make it your own

Tap into your creativity by embellishing the Hide and Sneak to fit your décor, theme, holiday or celebration.   All of the following suggestions are easy, inexpensive, fun, and quick to do.

1.  Place stickers, jewels, cut-outs, feathers and other craft items by gluing onto the front, back or sides of the Hide and Sneak.

tabby cat inside of Hide and Sneak cat tunnel which has been decorated with flower stickers

2.  Draw, sketch, or trace pictures or simply write sayings, quotes, or words anywhere you desire.

maine coon cat in a decorated Hide and Sneak catnip cat toy tunnel

3. Scrapbook paper fits perfectly onto the front and back of the Hide and Sneak and a trip to the craft store will likely yield dozens of paper options.  Cut a center hole of 7 inches in diameter and tape or glue the paper to the front and/or back of the tunnel. 

orange and white tabby kitten sitting inside the decorated Hide and Sneak accordion folded cat toy tunnel

Just think of your kitty’s face looking back at you through a holiday wreath, or a birthday cake, or even the center of a large paper flower. Viola! You’ve created a masterpiece in which to frame your cat’s next picture.

Grey and white cat looking out of the Hide and Sneak paper cat tunnel toy that has been decorated with a wreath

The “paws”ibilities are endless on how you can easily custom design your own Hide and Sneak. This holiday season is the “purr”fect time to start a new family tradition with your cat.  Commemorate or decorate it and snap away.  Do the same for other holidays or special events and you will love the memory keepsake you create of your BFF. 

We hope we have inspired you to create a memorable photo keepsake of your furry friend. Please share these wonderful memories with us too and let us celebrate your cat’s life with you.  Send them to info@deziroo.com and tell us a little bit about your meowdl.  It will help boost our energy level and positive emotions, and yours too.



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    What is this made of? I am a Bengal breeder and need sturdy products that can stand up to active playful kittens

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    Oooh, I want one of those tunnels! That would make a great backdrop for fotos.

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