Three good reasons cats are awesome

We all know if a cat chooses us, we’re one of the lucky ones. So if you’ve got a feline family member, you’ve got so many things to be thankful for. Here are three things we all love about cats and how you can show your furry friend how thankful you are.

Boopable noses – Is there anything better than a soft, velvety kitty nose? Maybe just one thing—booping a cat’s nose while they’re sleeping. Of course, a cat’s nose is good for more than just affection. With a sense of smell, 40 times more powerful than a human’s, cats rely on their noses to alert them to danger, food, and even their favorite person. At just a few hours old, a cat is blind and deaf, but her amazing sense of smell can lead them directly to mom for their first meal. But scent enrichment is often at the bottom of our list for playtime. So why not grab some of those gorgeous fall leaves and bring them indoors for your cat to play with. She’ll appreciate the new scents and sounds, and you’ll get to enjoy autumn together.

tabby kitten lying on back with front paws covering eyes

Adorable toe beans – Have you ever noticed how the pads of a cat’s feet resemble jelly beans? Whether, they’re pink, gray or black, large, medium or small. Toe beans are almost as boopable as kitty noses. But did you know that cats don’t always land on their feet? It’s true. While cats have amazing balance, they’re just as prone to stumbling as we are. But they have the ability to tell up from down while in mid-air and adjust so that they can land with their feet facing downward. And that increases the chances that they’ll land with all four sets of beans on the ground. Want to help kitty practice her pouncing? Try a wand toy like our Wiggly Wand and let it wiggle and dance to watch your cat flip and fly through the air.

orange and white kitten paws

Soothing purrs – At the end of a hard day, there’s nothing quite like sitting in your favorite chair with a warm, purring cat in your lap. It’s as if they know how much the sound reassures us and calms us. Why not? Cats purr to calm themselves when they’re stressed and to express contentment. And research has shown that a cat’s purr can heal both cats and humans alike. You can return the favor by providing kitty with our Cloud Nine Silver Vine. The smell of silver vine allows cats to enter a euphoric state and is more potent than catnip. In fact, one study found that while one out of every three cats did not respond to catnip, almost 80 percent of the domestic cats responded to silver vine.

hand petting a catWhen it comes to cats, there are so many things to be thankful for. Let’s remind them, and ourselves, how much we appreciate them and take time to play with them, right meow.

tabby cat on his back and a tin filled with Cloud Nine silver vine

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  • Pamela Trusheim

    I notice there is a photo of a white cat in this email which resembles my red Birman kitten. Is it a Birman? Are the names Dezi & Roo your names or your cats names? Pam

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