Sick of social distancing? So is your cat

With an unprecedented need to socially distance ourselves from other humans during the COVID-19 crisis, most of us humans are going stir crazy.

That’s because we’re social beings by nature and we thrive when we have the right amount of human interaction, fresh air, healthy food and exercise. So being cooped up inside all day isn’t ideal and many of us aren’t happy about it (as I’m sure you’ve heard online).

tabby cat with white chest looking out of a window

But what if I told you this is your cat’s reality every day? Our pet cats live in a near-constant state of isolation inside the four walls of our homes. Most indoor cats live day in and day out with very little human interaction, exercise, or fresh air. And they don’t like it any more than we do. In fact, a lack of these things could be causing bad behavior.

So what can we do to keep our cats from feeling as closed off and socially frustrated as we do? Well, that’s easy. Just give them some extra TLC. Here are three quick and easy things you can give your cat to keep him out of unnecessary “quarantine.”

calico kitten looking straight up at camera while lying on a rug

Little Puff plush cloud cat toy sprinkled with silvervine

Activity – Set aside a few minutes each day to entice your cat to get some exercise and engage in meaningful play. Whether that comes in the form of a leash walk, a supervised exploration of the backyard or chasing their favorite toy around the living room, your cat needs to move to stay healthy. Try using a favorite wand toy to get them excited or sprinkling some silver vine in a few places around your home.

orange tabby cat looking at camera while holding onto an a-lure-ring cat toy

Outdoors – It’s almost spring, so throw open the windows on a sunny day. Let your cat sniff the great outdoors. If it’s still a bit chilly where you live, consider adding on a catio, or opening your patio or porch to your cat. She will love getting some fresh air and sunshine. If it’s still a bit too cold for that, bring in some leaves or grass for your cat to sniff and hunt. She’ll love the change of pace.

long haired orange tabby cat outside on a table next to a pot of aloe

Cuttlefish wand toy attachment made from paper

Affection – Cats get a bad rep for being aloof, but they love a good snuggle just as much as we do. Make sure your cat gets some time to show you his affection. Some cats like to sit nearby, but many love to get in your lap or on your keyboard. Don’t always be so quick to push them off. If it’s been a while since you scratched under his chin, maybe take a few minutes to love on your feline friend. You’ll keep him happy and it might help ease your stress as well.

close up of a black and white cat staring at camera

That’s my list. What are your tips for keeping your cat from feeling isolated? I’d love to hear from you! 

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