Keeping Cats Healthy with Pretend Play

child hiding under couch pillows

Are cats little kids?  It’s no secret cats are like toddlers when it comes to playing with pretend toys. Simple objects become hidden treasurers with endless inspiration for their vivid imaginations. The power of make-believe is real and there are many benefits to pretend play. Cats love to hide, pounce, shred and play with common inexpensive items like boxes and bags that we typically view as trash. But in a cat’s mind, these are magic objects, waiting to be destroyed before they are thrown away.

They both have big imaginations. Cats have wonderful imaginations and should be encouraged to indulge in creative play. As we’ve mentioned before, they have highly elevated senses, allowing them to see, hear and smell so much more clearly than humans do. Cats use their imaginations to hunt their indoor “prey” every day. So just about anything can become a toy, especially items that move, rustle, crinkle, flutter, and dance. Pretend toys help stimulate cats’ brains by keeping their minds active.

We have a new toy! We are so happy to announce a new Dezi & Roo product specifically geared toward fostering our cats’ vivid imaginations: the Magic Carpet. Like Aladdin, your cat will be swept off its paws and into a world of wild mayhem.

Ways to spark creativity! Designed to foster problem-solving skills and promote creativity, this inexpensive and versatile toy works great alone or in partnership with our other unique toys for cats. Through its magical powers, it provides all the sight, sound, and touch stimulation cats crave and need while living exclusively indoors.

Your cat will absolutely love the crinkle and rustle sounds that it makes when they pounce or scratch on it. He will imagine it is a pile of leaves to be played in or nest that needs to be explored. But it’s also soft and easy to tear or shred. Ripping it apart will give him a physical outlet to help keep him active, engaged, and entertained.

Owners Love it Too! Of course, humans will also love this toy for its simplicity. There’s no assembly required, and it’s safe and affordable. And when playtime is over, you can easily fold it up and keep it out of sight or even tuck it in a corner for a comfy catnap spot.

tabby kitten asleep on a pile of leaves

Simply brilliant ways to have fun. It is simple to drape the Magic Carpet over a table or chair and let your cat’s imagination go wild. Watch as kitty turns it into a treehouse one day and a private spa the next. 

cat looking out of his log cabin cat house

He might pretend it’s his personal hunting cabin while she will argue it’s her “she shed.” It is a simple and fun way to make sure cats stay happy and healthy.

Clever ideas to keep your cat happy and healthy - Another great way to use the Magic Carpet is to place a treat or toy underneath and watch your kitty figure out how to retrieve it. It’s a unique way to stimulate her mind and exercise her hunting skills. It also makes those treats go a little bit further by making kitty work for it.

No matter how you choose to play with your cat and the Magic Carpet, it’s sure to be a new adventure every time. So check it out, and let us know what you think!

light orange cat sitting on a purple magic carpet cat toy looking directly at camera


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