How to Enjoy Mother's Day With Your Cat

Do you call yourself a cat mom? Are your feline children part of the family? Then you deserve to enjoy Mother’s Day too! So why not enjoy it with your cat? Here are three easy tips to have a relaxing Cat Mom’s Day with your fluffiest children. And read all the way to the end for an exciting announcement!

a white cream mother cat lying down with a kitten that looks just like her curled up between her front paws both looking straight at camera

Relax — There’s nothing better than curling up under a fluffy blanket and having your cat come sit in your lap. Take some time this Mother’s Day to enjoy a little R&R with your cat kids. If your cats don’t like to cuddle, try something less hands-on like taking a selfie with your cat or opening a window to bird watch with your kitty.

Play — It may sound silly, but one of my favorite pastimes is watching my cats play. I am filled with love for my fur-iends whenever I see them having fun. The joy on a cat’s face when they pounce on that favorite toy is everything. Grab a wand toy and have a “dance” party with your cat. You can use your moves to mimic prey and your cat can follow your lead.

Treat Yourself — I saved the best for last. Take a moment this weekend to enjoy the little things. Get yourself your favorite dessert. And while you’re at it, why not get kitty’s favorite treat too? The two of you can enjoy each other’s company while you indulge. Or if you’re trying to avoid food-based treats, focus on your other senses and grab yourself something scentastic like a candle and you can get kitty a fresh pinch of catnip or silver vine.

And now for the big announcement!

As a cat mom myself, I started Dezi & Roo as a way to help folks just like you who love their cats like kids. My “feline-osophy” is designed around helping indoor cats to live fuller, healthier lives. I design toys with a cat’s unique needs in mind and write this blog to give you tips for improving your cat’s quality of life. And now, along with Adventure Cats founder, Laura J. Moss, I’ve written a book that will share all of our combined expertise on enriching cats’ lives.

Our book, Indoor Cat (Running Press), releases this October and is currently available for preorder now!

book cover for Indoor Cat: How to Enrich Their Lives and Expand Their World

In Indoor Cat, you’ll learn all about what makes cats tick, and how to give them their best indoor lives. It’s full of tons of tips, information, and common myths about our feline companions. As a cat mom, you’ll love learning all about how you can help your cat live life to the fullest.

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