Proudly made in the USA to support our country

As our country and individual states begin to look at ways to reopen and get back to some semblance of normal, I wanted to talk about my own business practices because it’s important to me to support my community.

When I started Dezi & Roo, I knew I wanted to offer high-quality toys that both cats and their owners would love. One of the many reasons I got into the cat toy business was I saw a gap in the marketplace. Most toys seem to be designed to attract owners. But when you get them home, your cat quickly loses interest (if he has any at all). Where were the toys designed with a cat’s instincts in mind?

cat in a stalking position

That’s where Dezi & Roo comes in. Cat’s don’t want toys shaped like bacon or sushi. They want toys that mimic the small animals and bugs they would catch in the wild. Toys need to move and sound like fluttering wings and wriggly tails. They need places to hide in and pounce from. They need toys they can shred and chew. They need scent enrichment and variety. And I’m always inventing new ways to entice cats to play without gimmicks or unnecessary flair. In fact, I’ll have an announcement about new products soon!

woman with an ipad surprised and holding one hand up in the air

To make sure our products are safe and fun for your cats, I knew they had to be handmade. But I also wanted to support my community by offering jobs to women who needed flexibility in their employment. And I needed dedicated workers who would put as much care and attention into assembling these products as I had put into designing them. When you buy a Dezi & Roo product you are getting something that was designed with love and constructed with attention to detail.

But I think what makes our manufacturing process most unique is that I keep our products entirely hand made in the USA. To cut costs, most large-scale pet toy companies will move their manufacturing overseas where labor and materials are cheaper. But that only benefits a select few. By keeping our products here in the US, I’ve created jobs, collaborated with some wonderful people, and created amazing products that cats love to chase, bat, shred, pounce on, and hide in.

cat inside a Hide and Sneak cat tunnel looking out

Under our current conditions, lots of things are uncertain worldwide. But our commitment to your cats is unwavering. And when you buy a product from Dezi & Roo, you’re not just giving your cat hours of entertainment. You’re also supporting a small business that employs dozens of people right here in the US. We don’t have giant factories or machines assembling toys. We have cat lovers, moms, teachers, and a former veterinarian making sure that your cat gets what he needs.

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Thank you so much for your support. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. Now, go play with your cat!

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