Five Ways to Help Your Cat Beat the Winter Blues

We’re definitely hitting that time of year when the winter blues start to set in. If you’re feeling the strain, odds are your cat is too. Here are five ways to get your cat (and maybe you) out of that funk. 


One of the reasons we get the winter blues is a lack of sunshine. And cats need it as much as we do. It’s why they lie in sun puddles. Since winter days are shorter, cats have less opportunity to catch those rays. And the direction of sunshine coming into our homes changes with each season. I recommend paying attention to these changes and adjusting furniture, beds, or rugs to help cats have more access to sunshine.

one white cat and a orange tabby cat lying on a wood floor in a sun puddle


Our homes are set to human preferences, not a cat’s. They tend to prefer a warmer environment than we do. If turning up the temperature isn’t an option, consider creating cozy places where your cat can get toasty warm. Snuggly beds, cat-safe heat sources, covered spaces, and even your own lap can be ideal.

woman in bed reading a book with cat in her lap

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Just like humans, cats can gain weight in the winter months as they try to keep warm and become less active. And a lack of exercise can make the winter blues worse. If you’re stuck indoors, it’s a great time to get out the wand toy and let your cat stalk, chase, and pounce on their pretend prey.

the backside of a black cat with front paw extended and grabbing a flutter-ring cat toy


In the wild, cats have unlimited opportunities to explore new environments, but in our homes, they are in the same four walls with the same places to play, sleep, and eat all day long. Change it up by purchasing or creating new sleeping spots that are comfy and cozy. Move things around. Rotate their toys. Cats enjoy having their home redecorated as much as we do. And, it perks up our spirits.

cat sniffing a paint brush next to a paint can

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Consider clicker training your cat. It can encourage wanted behaviors and it provides mental and physical stimulation. Cats can be trained to do just about anything from high fives to entering their carrier. Give it a shot; you’ll likely be amazed how quickly your cat catches on.

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    Actually, most experts agree that cats, as creatures of pattern, do NOT like redecorating.

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