5 Fun Fall Feline Activities

Tabby cat in mid flight jumping

Just like us, cats love to explore and imagine. Here are 5 easy ways to create some indoor adventures for your cat this fall to help keep their minds and bodies strong.

1. Build a tent. Remember all the fun you had as a kid building a tent in your living room out of couch cushions and extra sheets? Think what fun it would be to reenact this adventure with your cats. Our four-legged friends love to hide underneath objects all over our home, so why not use our Magic Carpet to create a play area just for them? It’s a simple, cat-friendly sheet, designed to be ripped to shreds. Kitty can hide, pounce, scratch and bite to her heart’s content. And you might have a little fun too.

Black and white cat peering out from under the Magic Carpet cat toy which is draped over a chair to create a tent

2. Hide scented toys. A cat’s sense of smell is 40 times more sensitive than our own. So it’s important to create ways for them to explore our homes through scent. One of my favorites is to hide scented toys so the cats need to use their sense of smell to find them. I just sprinkle a little silver vine, catnip, honeysuckle, or valerian on a favorite toy and stick it between the couch cushions, under a small piece of furniture or inside our Magic Carpet tent. This also exercises their brains and keeps them entertained.

Orange tabby cat smelling the corner of a brick wall

3. Introduce a new scratcher. Another great way to encourage indoor play is to introduce a new scratcher. Cats need to stretch their backs and flex their claws. Sisal or cardboard toys designed for scratching can be great for this type of exercise. To get your cat interested, dangle a wand toy over the scratcher or sprinkle it with some silver vine. This will help them to know that this is the place to go when it’s time to scratch.

Orange tabby cat scratching on a sisal scratch post

4. Have a box party. You know the drill. Cats love to hide inside boxes and pounce at toys from inside. Grab a wand toy and watch her eyes light up as she jumps and chases from inside. Cute holes in boxes and tape them together to create an interesting tunnel of your kitty to explore. Cats who love boxes will adore our Hide and Sneak. It mimics the sneaky fun of a box but folds up for storage when you’re rotating toys to prevent toy fatigue. Change it up so that each week your box party is based on a different theme.

A group of shelter cats playing with the Hide and Sneak paper cat tunnel toy

5. Knock it off. Watching cats “angrily” knock things off counters and shelves has become an internet pastime. Line up small toys like wiggly balls on a shelf or table and let kitty go wild. Both you and your cat will be entertained and no precious valuables will get broken.

Grey and white cat on a table staring at camera with left forelimb reaching toward camera

What are your favorite indoor games to play with your cat? Let us know. We’d love to hear how you use your Dezi & Roo products.


  • Stephanie McCurry

    Those are all great ideas!! I always place my kittens toys all through the house, hide some and line them up on each level of his cat tree. He loves to knock them off. We play hide and seek often, too. He has lots of scratchers left over from his angel sisfurs. Love the tent idea! Will try that soon. Thanks for the advice!

  • Jan Hubbell

    Great ideas. Unfortunately, the links were expired (or possibly not activated).

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