Do you resemble your cat?

If you’re a cat person, odds are you appreciate a cat’s reclusive nature. You may even aspire to the life of leisure led by most house cats. But did you know there may be a link between being  a cat-only household and introversion? It’s true. As cat owners, we often resemble the aloof felines in our lives.

blond haired woman with white cat

Jenn Granneman of Psychology Today cites prominent research that says there is a clear link between cat owners and introversion, while dog owners tend to be more extroverted. “It makes sense,” Granneman says. “Owning a dog simply requires more extroverted activities, whereas having a cat leads to more introverted ones.”

Are you more like a cat than a dog? I know I am. And if you enjoy these things, you might be a full-fledged cat person.

Cozy naps — I love a good nap in a warm spot and so do my cats. Whether it’s in a patch of sunlight or a cozy bed, cats love to catch a few Z’s whenever they can. Napping helps cats conserve energy for the hunt and allows them to be alert when prey is most active. In humans, naps can help us sneak in a bit of extra rest, which can help boost memory and ease stress.

cat sleeping on bed

Special attention — Cats get a reputation for being aloof, but really it’s just a matter of wanting attention on their own terms. We all have preferences for how we want others to show us affection. Some people like hugs; others prefer gifts. Your cat may love being held but only enjoy petting on a certain part of their body.

Quiet time — When I’ve had a busy day, I just want to come home and decompress. I keep noise and distractions to a minimum and find something relaxing to do. Cats like to get their quiet time by finding a hiding space—like a closet or under a bed—that’s away from humans and other pets.

Daily routines — I am a creature of habit. And so are my cats. I’d bet your cat wakes you if you are late with breakfast. In fact, I have a client whose cat asks for play time by meowing and leading her toward his favorite toy. It happens at the same time every day! Routines make us feel safe and keep us on task. Whether it’s meals or playtime, your cat wants to know what to expect.

orange cat looking at camera

Tasty treats — I’m a snacker. My cats love treats. I try to keep it healthy and intermittent so we don’t pack on extra pounds. But we definitely love to be treated. I try to get creative and find new goodies for my cats, like including cooked chicken or fish in their diet. Or giving them non-food-based treats, like catnip or silver vine.

Mental stimulation — Even though I tend to be a bit predictable— just like my cats—I still need an occasional change in routine or new task to keep me on my toes. I like puzzles and going to my local coffee shop; my cats prefer empty boxes or tunnels and playing in the grass. Despite a need for routines, cats appreciate a little exploration and mental stimulation, and so do I.


  • jmuhj

    Oh, yes, we’re absolutely alike in so many ways! Our beloved angel Rani used to launch herself from her 7’ cat pipe onto the bed before bedtime every night, and if I failed to move to give her her treats, she’d do it again and again, until she achieved the desired effect. I’m very much a person of pattern, and so are they.

  • OSA Berggren

    I did … 🌺🇸🇪🌴🦜. OSA

  • Osa Berggren

    My Luna Kat .. & Kai
    Kat ……. Have a different opinion , Lynn 😃🦜💧🌺
    My cats are very Outgoing … they are on Mouse Police @ Nite -
    Controlling Pool deck , out door BIG SHOWER 🌴🌺… drive way etc – VERY friendly to my visitors ….
    The OSA .. Kat mom … is Very outgoing as well …… BUT … we like our Solitude too 🌺😀🌴🦜🚀
    ….. thanks .. OSA Kat ❤️

  • Nancy

    Lynn you sound so much like me. I’m a bit of an introvert, especially with groups of people I don’t know that well. I am also a creature of habit and we have our routines here. The cats know when I start scooping their boxes morning and night that they will be fed soon and it’s usually right around the same time every day. Later in the evening while I watch the news we have playtime and they expect it, especially Ren. Almond Joy loves her treats around that same time every night as she doesn’t play. She is pretty much a loner. Then we have midnight snack time actually around 11 where I hand out treats and a little wet food. So we are all creatures of habit here for the most part. Oh and Ren spends a large part of every day by the back slider watching the birds and squirrels out back. He loves that!

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