Are you bothering your cat by being home all day?

I’ve seen so many memes the past few weeks about how our cats are angry that we’re home. It does make me laugh, because we know how particular our kitties are. They absolutely thrive on routine and let us know when we vary from that routine—even a tiny bit.

But we also know that’s not the whole truth. Because our cats love having us home, but they also might want to continue their routine and they may be looking for ways to include us in it.

Recently, a client of mine noticed some new things about her cat now that she’s working from home and it got me thinking about how we can use this to get to know our cats a bit better and make sure they’re living their best indoor lives.

black cat with chin resting on a furry white bed looking at the camera

This particular client has one cat and has always worked away from home. Like many of us, she probably didn’t give much thought to her cat’s behavior while she was at work. But now that she is sheltering in place, she is getting to see and learn her cat’s daily routine.

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And one thing she noticed is that her cat wakes up and becomes active every day at 5 p.m., which was shortly before she would normally be coming home from work. Something tells me her cat really looked forward to her coming home. This has given her new appreciation for her feline companion and she says she’s really bonding tightly to her cat.

Personally, I think this is a great time to learn our cats’ patterns. When do they nap? When do they eat, and when do they play? And then we should ask ourselves what we can do to make their days a little better.

Can you put a soft bed in their favorite sunny spot? Or maybe you can sprinkle some silver vine on a plus toy and hide it for him to find. Instead of her usual kibble, maybe your kitty would love a special treat that she doesn’t get very often. At the time you would normally arrive home, try pulling out a wand toy and playing with your cat for five minutes. I bet he’ll appreciate the attention to his usual routine and be excited to see you.

black cat holding oh-ring toy in mouth

Because the reality is, we’re going to get back to normal eventually, and that means our cats will be home alone a lot of the time. Let them know you’re there for them, and that you’re not trying to interrupt their routine. Pay attention to what they need, so that when you’re away from home, they know their favorite toys, beds, and treats are still there to comfort them when you’re not.

For now, I’m getting in extra cuddles, purrs, and playtime because I know it won’t last forever. But I’m also helping my cats stick to their routines because we’re living on their turf, after all.

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  • Marry

    This is such a heartwarming perspective! It’s amazing how we’re getting to know our furry friends even better during this time. They’ll surely appreciate it when things get back to normal. 🐱💕 Check at

  • jmuhj

    Working from/at home with cats is the best!

  • Cassandre

    Thanks for this article! It’s so true. I was just chatting with my mom about this. I have 5 rescue cats. Most of them have seemed pretty chill with a full house but for the first couple of weeks, my youngest who’s 5 yrs old, seemed off. She was up during the day when I knew she’d usually be sleeping. She had a bunch of energy and was running around the house. She was constantly in my face trying to get my attention. Then she’d cool off in the evening and sleep in bed with me. She never did that before! She always slept on the couch or in her cat tree but never with me. After a few days of this, she stopped eating and seemed really depressed for a full day. I was really worried. Her vet check-up was fine and she was back to her normal self by the next day. I think she was getting used to us being there and didn’t know what to do with herself!

    I love the idea of playing with them at the time I normally would. It would help me also since I’ve been furloughed and just sitting around watching tv. But I’m also enjoying the extra cuddles and occasional kisses on my cheeks :)

    Thanks again.

  • jmuhj

    I work from/at home normally, so there is no change in our pattern, except that my roomies can’t go out as much as they like, and we haven’t grocery shopped in two weeks.

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