A different prey for every day

For cats, variety is the spice, or maybe the catnip, of life. I am a big advocate of toy rotation. Your cat gets bored with the same old toys. So it’s important to give them options and to change those up frequently.

But what if your cat is a wand toy fiend? She won’t play with anything else no matter what you do. What if it’s wand toy wonderland all the time in your house?

a lot of cat wand toys

No worries. We have seven amazing wand toy attachments, all that mimic different types of prey. That’s a different attachment for each day of the week. Let me break it down for you.

Worm – Let’s start with the basics. Our original fuzzy wand toy attachment wiggles and squirms just like a tail. Cats love it because they can grab it with their teeth and shake, just like real prey.

cat catching a worm cat toy

Squid – This attachment is similar to our worm but takes it up a notch with paper tassels that twist and move alongside a chenille wiggly middle for hours of playtime fun.

tabby cat on hindquarters reaching for squid cat toy

Cuttlefish – If your cat likes the Squid, you may want to give the Cuttlefish a try. It’s made entirely of biodegradable paper tassels that crinkle and flutter like falling leaves.

tabby cat reaching up toward cuttlefish cat toy

A-Lure-Ring – These next three are for the hair tie-loving cats of the world, but they are much safer and eco-friendly. The A-Lure-Ring combines the wiggly fun of our Worm attachment with the fun of a ring toy. Cats can grab with paws or teeth as they go in the for the “kill.”

grey and white cat looking at an a-lure-ring cat toy

Oh-Ring – This attachment is triple the ring toy fun with three interlocking paper rings that work as both a wand attachment and all on their own.

grey and white tabby with an oh-ring in its mouth

Flutter-Ring – Not to be outdone, the Flutter-Ring comes in with the same enticing ring design and adds paper tassels for hours of crinkly fun.

black cat playing with a flutter-ring cat toy

Looper – And our newest attachment is the most versatile one yet with endless options for entertaining your cat. This simple loop can be used with just about any leaf, piece of worn-out toy or scrap of paper you can find. It also comes with a batch of colorful tissue paper that can be wound through the loop and locked onto the wand. Cats will love how this one flutters like a real bird.

With so many options, there’s no excuse for playing with that same old wand toy your cat has had for ages. Change it up and watch the fun unfold!


  • nancy rued

    Hello! My cat Louise and I LOVE your toys! I have a question about something else. Louise has taken to licking walls and wallpaper inside our home. What might be the cause? What can I do about it? Thank you, Nancy

  • Vicky

    Hi I like your site and products. I have a problem with advocating that people allow their cats to be outside. There are SO, SO many reasons that is bad advice. It puts cats lives in danger and shouldn’t be allowed. Shame on you.

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