Spork - Dezi & Roo
Spork - Dezi & Roo


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The BecoSpork is designed to make life a little easier at feeding time. No more sharing your cutlery with your pets as the BecoSpork is specially designed to easily prepare food. Our spork allows you to scrape out those hard to reach corners as well as having a wide fork for digging out the food. The holes within the spork allow you to easily mash the food ready for your pets. The spork also has an extra long handle for extra comfort and a firm grip.
Whether its mashing, digging, chopping or scraping out the packet, the BecoSpork can do it all. It’s also durable and top shelf dishwasher safe. The BecoSpork comes in a fantastic range of 4 colors.
These Sporks pair well with the Beco Bowls that prevent whisker fatigue.

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