Sea Pack - Dezi & Roo
Sea Pack - Dezi & Roo
Sea Pack - Dezi & Roo
Sea Pack - Dezi & Roo

Sea Pack

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This nautically themed sea pack comes with three fun toys that will inspire any cat to dive in and play. 

The Wiggly Wand Squid has movement and sound that attracts cats to pounce, chase, and jump for it. It is made from soft chenille and biodegradable paper making it attractive for cats to play with.

The felted wool marine animals are handmade in Nepal from wool, natural soap, and water.  They contain lanolin which cats find appealing and they are the purrfect size prey for cats to catch. 

Cloud Nine silvervine is 100% pure potent powder that attracts a majority of cats making them roll, drool, and feel good. It is a unique way to add scent enrichment and bring variety into a cat's life.

Your cat will love:

  • Running, chasing, and fishing for the Wiggly Wand Squid
  • Hunting and playing with the felted wool fish or octopus
  • The overwhelming feeling of wellness from smelling Cloud Nine silvervine
  • Having so many new fun toys to play with

You will love:

  • Seeing your cat actively play with these toys
  • The safety and durability 
  • The opportunity to provide several ways for your cat to play
  • The price 

This three pack comes with your choice of a felted wool fish or octopus along with a Wiggly Wand Squid and sample container of Cloud Nine silvervine.