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Moda Bowl

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Besides being stunningly beautiful, we love these bowls for a variety of reasons.  As smooth as porcelain, they are food grade polymer, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and microwaveable. The base is a non-skid polymer that is bonded to the bowl making it extremely sturdy.
The wide lip shape of the 2 cup bowls make it an excellent choice for feeding felines and small dogs.  The larger 4 cup bowl is an ideal choice for water allowing you to monitor for bacteria or other growth with its white interior surface. You will easily recognize when the bowl is overdue for changing or cleaning.  These bowls are functional, durable, and exquisite in design.
The 2 Cup bowl is available in Lemon Zest, Teal Appeal, and Cool Azul.  
The 4 Cups in True Blue, Cinnamon, and Sunflower. 

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