Wool Cat Toys - Under the Sea - Dezi & Roo
Wool Cat Toys - Under the Sea - Dezi & Roo
Wool Cat Toys - Under the Sea - Dezi & Roo

Wool Cat Toys - Under the Sea

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Your cat will dive right in to play with these under the sea inspired felted wool cat toys. Handmade in Nepal using a technique called wet-felting, the only materials used in the making of these toys are pure wool, natural soap, and water. The Himalayan wool that is used is not chemically cleansed, so it has a lot of lanolin in it. Lanolin is the natural oil unique to sheep’s wool and cats enjoy the smell.

We paired these fun wool cat toys with a small amount of our Cloud Nine, 100% pure, potent silver vine, to enhance your cat's play. Combined, these toys will give your cat "sheep thrills" that last a long time.

Your cat will love:

  • The smell and taste of lanolin-rich wool
  • The natural feel and softness of these toys
  • How good silver vine makes them feel
  • Swatting and carrying these across the room
  • The size which is similar to their favorite small prey

You will love:

  • The beautiful selection of subtle and vibrant colors of wool
  • That that they are chemical free with non-toxic dye
  • How easy they are to clean and maintain
  • Watching your cat having fun playing with these toys
  • The price

Size: varies between 3 - 4 inches

Colors vary according to stock 

This offering includes one wool toy with a small bag of Cloud Nine silver vine to keep it refreshed.

Please supervise your pet's use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result.


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