Cloud Nine pure silver vine catnip alternative powder for cats
Ginger tabby cat playing with toy sprinkled with silver vine
Cat approved Cloud Nine silver vine powder

Cloud Nine 0.5 oz Silver Vine

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BETTER THAN CATNIP! A new way to make cats happy.
Cloud Nine is pure silver vine powder processed in the USA.  It is non-toxic, non-addictive and benefits your cat's overall health and well-being by adding enrichment into their life. When exposed cats enter a euphoric state that mimics catnip.  Except, it is more potent, due to the presence of two cat attractants as opposed to catnip's one.  Cloud Nine is processed from the dried fruit into a course powder and our supplier works directly with one of the largest laboratories to insure the silver vine fruit used is fully tested and safe.
Learn more about why silver vine is good for your cat and why our Cloud Nine is the best product for them.
Simply sprinkle a pinch on a favorite toy and watch the fun.  A little goes a long way. Cloud Nine brings added spice to a cat's life and can be used daily.  
0.5 oz weight

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