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Does your dog enjoy being bathed or hide at the first mention of the word "bath time"?  Is bathing your pet a chore you would rather avoid?  We at Dezi & Roo have done our research, and we can suggest three solutions that will help you, and your furry companion, tackle this unpleasant task. These solutions help to make animal baths easier, safer, and much less stressful for the owners.

Solution #1: Does your dog ever “slip” in the tub? The Stressfree Bath Mat provides a non-slip surface that gives dogs a sense of security by eliminating the fear of slipping or sliding.  It allows owners to bathe their dogs more safely and gives dogs the sound footing they need in a wet, slippery sink or tub.

stress free bathtub safety mat for dogs and cats

Solution #2: Non-toxic, eco-friendly shampoo Bahr's Bath Bar is natural and non-toxic shampoo that is safe for dogs.  Since furry animals lick themselves, it is extremely important that products used on their coat not contain carcinogens. Cleaning a dog with a bar of soap is easier and more cost-effective. The netting is an accessory which helps the soap to  lather, acts like a loofah and helps to store it conveniently.


Solution #3: Is drying off your dog after a bath a struggle? Towel drying has never been easier or more effective than with the Mighty Mitt.  It is extremely soft bringing dogs comfort and is 7x's more absorbent that regular towels.  Its versatility makes drying a breeze and clean-up easier.  This powerful towel/mitt combination does the work of several regular towels which makes it a greener and healthier alternative that is better for the environment.


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